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                                                        V.O. RÉSUMÉ


FILM (Partial List):

Little Big Panda                                    Lead (Animation)                      Benchmark Entertainment

$lowdown                                             Unos Employee                        Saman Media

Citizen’s United                                    Narrator                                    Pen Productions

Dixie Venus                                           Narrator                                   MEG Films

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy                 Supporting - Impostra             Tony Oliver, Dir., FOX/Saban Ent.

The Buena Vista Social Club (Eng.)      Lead - Omara Portuondo         Artisan Entertainment

Run, Lola, Run                                       Various Voices                         Sony Pictures
Gorgeous - Jackie Chan (English)         Lead                                        Sony Pictures

Manuelita (Animation)                           Various Voices                         Sony Pictures

Messieurs Les Enfants                           Various Voices                         Ciby Distribution

The Vampire Strikes Back                      Lead                                        Wild Side Prod.

.com For Murder                                    Various Voices                         Omega Ent.

A Man Called Hero                                Various Voices                         Golden Harvest

TELEVISION (Live & Animation):     

Power Rangers                                       Guest Star                                 Disney/FOX

Mad Movies w/the L.A. Connection      Guest Star                                 Nick at Night/MTV

Powder Park                                           Series Lead                               Media Concepts

Chimp Lips TV                                        Various Voices (Dubbing)         FOX Kids

Mummy Nanny                                       Various Voices (Dubbing)         Hollywood Entertainment

Above The Law                                      Various Voices (Dubbing)          Sony Classics

TNT Valentine’s Day Special                  Narrator                                    TNT

The All-New Candid Camera                 Host/Narrator                           King World

Totoro                                                     Various Voices (Dubbing)         Tokuma Japan





Fire Danger (Sci-Fi/Romance), The Mighty Bees, Two Little Elephants, Woody’s Adventures, The Ant & The Grasshopper,

Yoon’s English School (Dozens of books),Yoon’s English Fun, English For Pre-Middle School, Adventures In Phonics      


Peek-a-Book: Ten Little Fingers, Diego Rivera, Do Rabbit Have Christmas?, Beautiful Moon, Tuesday, Follow Me        


Game/Animation Voices: Sophisticate, Country Hick, Vamp, Mom, Storyteller, Kids (Boys & Girls), Infant, Mature, Youth, Teenager,

Witches, Robot, Cat, Horse & Other Animals, Gnomes/Elves/Trolls, Fairies, Various Animation Types, Newscaster, Mom, Kind Old Lady


Accents & Dialects: French, Russian, Swedish, German, Scottish, Irish, English, East Indian; New England (Native), Chicago/Midwest, Scandinavian-American, Southern, Texas, Brooklyn, Southern California, East-End/West-End London, Others


Special Skills:  Soprano, Impressions, Some French & Spanish, Live Dubbing, Walla & Looping, Senior Copywriter, Published Writer


Training: Theatre/Spoken Word: American Conservatory Theatre; Singing: Victoria Hart, Robert Edwards;

Animation: Bob Bergen, Artt Butler

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