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”As the shrewish Carla Normack Barnstead, Van Iderstine’s performance was so believable that off camera and out of character Nancy was asked who she was by one of the crew members.”

    Craig Schlattman, Director, The Seller


"Nancy Van Iderstine is full of life in an excellent turn as an actress-waitress in Waitress."
    -Robert Axelrod, Campus Circle review, Misconceptions @ The Group Rep

"Van Iderstine's work is riveting. Pigeons, as mentioned already, is a delight...
perfect, as is Van Iderstine's wonderful solo turn in Waitress. Every actor can relate to her, especially via Van Iderstine's tender portrait."
    -Don Grigware, Grigware Talks Theatre review, Misconceptions @ The Group Rep

"Partly because of the script, but mostly because of Ms. Van Iderstine’s affecting,
understated, heartfelt performance, the small piece is charming, funny, devastating and ultimately life affirming."
     -Geoff Hoff, L.A. Theatre review, Misconceptions @ The Group Rep

     -Carol Kaufman Segal, review of Comic Potential at 
The Group Rep

     -Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times review of Comic Potential at
The Group Rep

“Anyone who has owned a cat should identify with [Van Iderstine’s] right-on portrayal of a feline gently terrorizing a house sitter, coughing up hairballs, destroying the carpet..." [in Live Humans On Stage]

     -Robert Young, Burbank Leader                         


“Nancy knows the business of the business and has the gift of a performer. Her emotional commitment and clear dedication and discipline for her business dealings make Nancy a right-brain and left-brain powerhouse.”

      -Roy Samuelson, Director/Actor, VOWOL, Good Loop Group

“I highly recommend Nancy for all types of voice-over work! She is flexible both in her vocal ability and as an actress overall. Her cheerful attitude and dedication make her a joy to have in the booth." 

      -Erick Cifuentes, Director & Engineer,

      Keywords Studios, The Invisible Studio, EEC International, & more


“I have worked professionally with Nancy for a number of years now. She has been a valuable asset to various projects we have taken on as we tend to hire actors with a wide range to their voices. Nancy has time and again risen to the challenge, whether it be a younger ingénue sound or a voice with more of a character texture. She is always very professional in the studio and a pleasure to have on the project. I would highly

recommend her whenever considering voice talent. “

      -Bob Buchholz, Director/Owner, Spliced  Bread Productions

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