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              “Nancy knows the business of the business and has the gift of a performer.

              Her emotional commitment and clear dedication and discipline for her

              business dealings make Nancy a right-brain and left-brain powerhouse.”

                   -Roy Samuelson, Director/Actor, VOWOL, Good Loop Group

             “I highly recommend Nancy for all types of voice-over work! She is flexible

             both in her vocal ability and as an actress overall. Her cheerful attitude and

             dedication make her a joy to have in the booth." 

                       -Erick Cifuentes, Director/Engineer, Keywords Studios, The Invisible Studio & more

             “I have worked professionally with Nancy for a number of years now. She

             has been a valuable asset to various projects we have taken on as we tend

             to hire actors with a wide range to their voices. Nancy has time and again

             risen to the challenge, whether it be a younger ingénue sound or a voice

             with more of a character texture. She is always very professional in the studio

             and a pleasure to have on the project. I would highly recommend her whenever

             considering voice talent. “

                       -Bob Buchholz, Director/Owner, Spliced Bread Productions

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